I’m a freelance journalist and currently work for the interactive background magazine Der Kontext, where I explore non-linear storytelling. Previously I co-built the transmedia magazine Life Links at Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, where I was responsible for the whole online section. If I’m not raving about the storytelling opportunities the web offers, I produce cool data visualizations or write about science. Ich bin freiberufliche Journalistin und arbeite derzeit für das interaktive Hintergrundmagazin Der Kontext, wo ich Erfahrungen mit nicht-linearem Storytelling sammele. Davor habe ich das transmediale Magazin Life Links bei der Deutschen Welle mit aufgebaut und den Online-Bereich des Magazins geleitet. Wenn ich nicht gerade von den erzählerischen Möglichkeiten des Internets schwärme, produziere ich coole Datenvisualisierungen oder schreibe ich über Wissenschaft.

Email: gcgruen[at]gmail[dot]com

Resumé in English Lebenslauf auf Deutsch
Work samples/Arbeitsproben

Data journalism

Project portfolio


Fighting words with machetes
Hacked to death with machetes, just for writing what they think – that’s the fate Bangladesh’s bloggers face. Ananya was told he would be next and he knows better than others: „When they target a person, they kill.“ http://dw.com/p/1FotG

Interview with an ‚Islamic State‘ fighter
It’s easy to be against the „Islamic State,“ but we wanted to understand what drives young people to fight for the group. A written conversation with a man who claims to be an „IS“ fighter in Syria. http://dw.com/p/1Fb7D

Revolt, provoke, segregate: Salafism as the new youth culture
Why does a highly regimented world attract young people? Aladin El-Mafaalani investigates Salafism as a youth culture. In an interview he explains why young people join the scene and why it is difficult to counteract. http://dw.com/p/1Fhnq

Curating Analysis
Tweets as weapons: How ‚Islamic State‘ is fighting its battles… digitally
Terrorist organization „Islamic State“ is more than just simply savvy when it comes to using the internet as a propaganda tool. But what can be used to fight against such a profound social media strategy and smart users? http://dw.com/p/1Fb1w

Transparent you: From data collection to data protection
Surveillance only happens to people under suspicion. In recent years, we’ve seen that’s not true. Each of us is monitored, but to what extent? Follow us through a day to find out how much data you’re really giving away. http://dw.com/p/1Ftdp

The cost of not caring: How inaction is making us sick
You make people sick – by not taking action. It’s hard to put it like that, but it’s the truth. 1.3 million young people alone could still be alive, if somebody had cared. http://dw.com/p/1ES5W

Talk to people I worked with

I can send you reference letters upon request. But if you prefer to speak directly with someone, you can get in contact with…

Mathias Stamm, Producer of DW – Life Links

Ranty Islam, Editor at DW – Global Ideas

Sven Stockrahm, Editor at Zeit Online’s Science Department


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