My personal year review: cleaning out ALL read-later lists

„This 1936 advice manual on living alone is smart, witty, and still helpful today“, says Vox. It’s entertaining at least, says me.

In my email conversations with English natives always wondering what’s the most reasonable thing to write, I was glad to find varieties of the crucial element „sign off lineexplained.

Once upon a time, developing new formats was part of my job, so I’m always curious about what ideas turn reality in other newsrooms. Nieman Lab on WaPo’s experiments.

In the same context: We all consume more and more media on mobile, so I’m always excited to see fully mobile-shot documentaries, even if it is more traditional ones compared to this and this one.

My first ever New Year’s resolution: writing a success diary. Usually I’m more of a crossing-of-to-do-list-person, but maybe the other way round is also an interesting approach. More tips on „more success“ in literally every area of life offers this blog post by Ms. Moneypenny (in German). Usually I avoid anything labelled „for women“, but these tips are equally valuable for men.

Breaking the usual patterns is something I believe we learn most from, to start an investigative team in the context of Buzzfeed seems like such a project. Poynter on it’s start.

„The Algorithm is an Editor“, writes the WSJ. But is it, really?

Currently, I’m trying to find more dataviz-design related blogs and people to read and follow and during this endeavour, I came across this worthwile post by Lena Groeger.

I love to learn new stuff, but I struggle to keep up with all the things I want to read. For years I’m working on finding a perfect method to read, store, read later, and make use of all what I (would like to) read. Will let you know if I found the key. If you have ideas, please let me know in the comments!


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