Tools to test (2):

Everyone certainly came across at least one of these astonishing infographics with nice charts, highlighting the important numbers and delivering one astonishing fact after one another so that you really do scroll down all the way to the end of the graphic.

You actually don’t need to be a great designer yourself to do it – there are free tools around the web, that help you to create such infographics.

For Global Ideas with our biodiversity focus, we longer thought about creating a treemap that shows the ration of the number of species by groups like animals, plants, bacteria… so I tried to give it a go in – where you can create lots of different charts and put them in a lot of context. Especially appealing to me in this case: the treemap could be slightly interactive by switching between different layers.

Here’s what I came up with: Explore our species-rich world!

What for? is not new, it was released in 2012 as a web-based tool to create infographics. There is a free version, as well as a pro version (18 US-Dollar per month) that includes a few more features. A more detailed can be found here.

Not needed, it’s more like a sprint: is really a hands-on-tool you can directly start with up from the scratch.


  • It is really easy to use and handled very intuitive by drag and drop principle
  • The application gives you variety of possibilities (several layouts to choose, a variety of components like photo, video, text, chart, numbers, map) but no „overload“ that could leave you struggling around without producing something
  • If you already gave some input, somehow suggest further content; in my case it suggested a map already containing the number of UNESCO sites per country.


  • Somehow you can’t paste any URLs – you have to type them manually and they don’t appear as a clickable link
  • You can’t neither embed iframes, but you are limited to the suggested components
  • Unfortunately, there is no way (in the free version) to customize colours/fonts to a corporate design as it would be needed in the DW-context for Global Ideas

Great tool to create infographics within very few time, my try took me less than one hour. Little flaws are the lack of the ability to customize colours and to paste links

What else?
There are a lot more (free) tools around the web to create infographics – just type „create infographics“ into your search bar and it’ll leave you with a large number of listicles with many available options. One that allows you more freedom without prescribed layouts is Piktochart.


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